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P. J. King a Rumored Villain in the Sex Industry despite his success

P. J. King a Rumored Villain in the Sex Industry despite his success

One of the moves that made P. J. King to be dubbed the King of Dark web is his venture into the BTC and blockchain business. He ventured into this business alongside his partners Michael Blum, who also has his share of controversies. Blum’s Gossip revolves around his alleged involvement in the creation of porno films with Russian and Asian women and selling it on the Dark web.

See the alleged scandalous tale of King

P. J. King a Rumored Villain in the Sex Industry

Both P. J. King and Blum have equal interest and passion in the Space Systems, Bitcoin, and the cryptos. However, none of the rumor mills point out such pretty ventures. The annoying part of it is their supposed undertaking of illegal entertainment. This secret venture is said to involve drugs, porn, and sex.

It’s believed that both are smart enough to hide the dirty business using their legit companies such as tourism and hotel investments. The rich guys from the states do not struggle to get their sexual desires fulfilled.

Who makes the client list for this King’s Booming Business?

Those that top the client list of P. J. King’s booming business are the top managers of prominent corporations, VVIPS, and most political elites. Moreover, who knows. The so-called US elites might also have a finger in their business.


Despite all the controversies that surround P. J. King and Blum, success seems to have found a place in their lives. Moreover, if all the allegations are correct, then they might conquer the world and sell drugs and porn films to all nations.

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